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Puzzle with Yo-kai watch


Nathan is a fun kid but tends to come off as comedic. He loves being with his friends and the Yo-Kai watch he befriended, even when they can be troublesome. His character is very infectious and gains him many friends - however, one noticeable trait is how extremely average he is. This spreads even to his school marks and greatly annoys him. Nathan befriends Jibanyan after finding him in a crosswalk. The cat YouKai quickly bonds with him and gives him his YK Medal. After moving to Nathans house, he initially annoys Nathan by causing mischief: earning a smack with a fan until he decides to turn over a new leaf. Nathan has Jibanyan as his first choice when summoning YKai.
Whisper is commonly known as a mascot of the Youkai Watch games , and often refers to himself as the players "Yo-kai butler", offering them advice and assistance wherever necessary.
A cartoony, white ghost with a black mask-like mark surrounding his eyes. He has blue lips with an upper-lip vaguely resembling a mustache. He has a small whisp atop his head and a tail that constantly billows.Jibanyan is a red and white coloured cat with a chip in his left ear. He has yellow coloured eyes with large black pupils, his nose and inner-ears are dull shade of pink.
Help Nathan to solve all the puzzles and make out a figure built in the game Mahjong, removing at a stroke two identical unlocked chips. To do this, you need to find two identical cards, free left or right. If the feature is not locked neighbors, then it can be identified by clicking on it and then also select a second chip. After that they will disappear, and you need to start looking for the next pair.
Features:☆ Excellent puzzle game with anime☆ do not require Internet☆ Game for girls and boys☆Graphics of high resolution: the game is optimized for the tablet and the phone.☆ FREE
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